Craniosacral Therapy


I believe in you.  I believe in your body, and your body’s ability to renew and heal from within.

Craniosacral work is a means of listening to the fluid flows in your body and harmonizing those flows so that any possibly orphaned or unheard parts can come back in to the whole.  We specifically focus on the cerebral spinal fluid and the systems that is reaches; the cranium, the spine, and the sacrum, and yet the entirety of the body is connected and so we listen to the body as a whole.  Craniosacral work is largely about listening and in the space of being deeply heard and met, the body feels safe to integrate and heal.


The body is the vessel of the mind, the emotions, and the deepest self.  It holds the memory of everything that happens to it, at every level: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual. Stress, chronic and/or traumatic create dysfunctional patterns that can drain the central nervous system (CNS) of vital energy.  Alleviating these stressors brings the body into a higher state of balance and wellness.  This holistic therapy has shown affective treatments for:

•Chronic Fatigue
•Traumatic Injuries
•Musculoskeletal Pain
•Orthopedic Problems
•Emotional Difficulties
•Post-Surgical Dysfunction
•Chronic Neck and Back Pain
•Connective-Tissue Disorders
•Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder